Strange orange/green/greystriped screen (only hear voice)

So im having this problem with my 3 weeks old computer. It just randomly crashes and all I can do at that point is hear the voice of skype/music etc. This has happened 5 times now, on the first 3 times the screen became orange, and this morning while I was starting to play LoL it became all grey and white striped. I restarted my computer and after 2 minutes the screen became green. I had to restart again. Then I changed my graphics to low and it didnt happen again (I dont know if the graphics change really did anything there). The strange thing imo is that I can still hear the voice and what ever was happening before the "crash" still continues. So I'm not sure if this even is a screen of death problem or is this just some problem with my monitor or something. Another strange thing is that after I built my new computer, my monitor cable only plugs on the video card, not on the DVI plugin on the motherboard.

So what do you guys think, am I having problems with my monitor or is it something worse?

I will still put all the information that was asked for bsod problems, just if you need it. And if this isnt a bsod problem then maybe someone can move this to the right place on the forums? :)



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The grey green striping can come from a number of things: Bad drivers, Heat, overclocking and systems in need of updating call all cause this issue.

Your motherboard bios needs updating. Please download the latest version here: ASRock > Products > Motherboard > H61M/U3S3 > Download

As to where your monitor plugs in.. If your using an onboard GPU then it will use the connection your thinking of on the motherboard. Fitting a new card however over-rides this and the signal will now output from the card. You should check in the bios that everything is configured correctly although to be honest if it wasn't you wouldn't be seeing a picture..

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