Strange pen bug


New Member
I'm not sure when it started, but it definitely wasn't happening before RC... I've recently started experiencing a very strange problem... when I write in OneNote (2007 and 2010), after I write anythingwith my pen (Dell Latitude XT), the cursor changes to the text selection tool and I can't make another line without switching back to the pen tool. This doesn't always happen right after the launch... sometimes it works for a short period after restarting the computer but generally the problem reappears after a short time of writing. I tried to write in Journal, and something that I believe could be related is happening there a well. There is no text selection tool in Journal and thus the pen continues to work fin as I write but every once in a while the "Ctrl" tooltip (the yellow one that appears when you press Ctrl when using a pen) appears near my cursor after I release the pen, and quickly disappears. This is also something that's happening when I randomly click on the desktop etc.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? What could I try to do to solve this problem? Thnx.