Strange Problem Consider Replacing Battery

I bought a new battery 2 months before, it is working fine for for 2 to 3 hours. Recently i am updating my windows after that i am getting to consider replacing battery message. Then i re-install my win xp also, but it shows same message. So please suggest me what is the Problem?


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Hi and welcome to the forums!

Was the battery factory refurbished? If so, the battery may lose its ability to hold a charge after a shorter period of time than normal if the repair process was not entirely efficient.

Can you write down the message (Either type it as much as you can or take a screenshot and upload it.)? This may be critical in troubleshooting your problem successfully.

How long did you have your original battery before this happened? How long, and under what circumstances, did that battery begin to fail compared to the replacement?

Are you leaving your notebook on the charger at night, even when the computer is off?

What is the make/model of the notebook and the type of battery it relies on?

Please look into answering all or some of these questions and we can look into helping you more extensively. Check the contacts, with the power off, or consider washing them carefully with an optical cleaning cloth. These are typically on the sides and/or middle of the area where the battery clicks into the laptop. Ensure the contacts are completely clean and unblocked and do not appear to contain any burn marks or scratches.

Please try to answer these questions for added help. With the noteoook

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