strange problem will they stop


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Many thanks for the assistance I have changed the ram and that fixed most

NOw this one when w7 starts it looses parts like no disc drives
no device manager
no modem and

so its a restart and they return

untiull next time then it all stops again

some programs run slow internet pages are real slow changeing

hope someone can shed a bit of light on this one

also I cant install word packages it crashes and now on install it comes up with cant find network

thanks all


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Sounds like a issue witht he motherboard, or maybe the Power supply unit isn't up to the task... please post all the system specs and any crash dumps you have thanks.


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w7.jpg nero.jpg no dumps does not crash

What is those Watts on the PSU (Power Supply Unit) open the side and find out, The PSU should be at least 350w with that system, prefurably 500w. in contrast a midrange Gaming system like mine needs 550w min, So I have 750w for expansion. But typically High end and extreme Gaming systems needs 750w to 1500w, remember the PSU could be outta date, Wheather is a gaming system or not it should have all the right connectors, Like 24 Pin Mobo plug, 8 Pin CPU Plug, 6+2 GPU Cables, 4 pin floppy (yes we don't use floppies anymore, but one is still always included for some reson, even a decade later), 4 pin Molex plugs (yes we don't use PATA Disks and Drives anymore, but several is still always included for some reson, even a decade later) and 15/16 pin Sata Power cables (those replaced the 4 pin Molexes). if any of these aren't on your PSU, buy a new one. Don't bother using adaptors they cause more problems and only go so far. Cheaper and easier to buy a new PSU, Yours may already be cactus.


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550 80 plus is on the side


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this problem only started about a month back then off and on

Run a Virus check and scan the computer, with it up-to-date before you do?

How old is the Mobo, Check it physically for the capacitors (those things that look like tiny little cans), Is any of them Bulging, Leaking or exploded. Remember that between 1998 - 2008 we had a an event called the "Capacitor Plague" (AKA) Bad Caps. See here: Capacitor plague - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia though we are still getting products from storage with the problem from those times, even some new things are still got the faulty capacitors even to this day! while we use up the excess stock, but we are on the edge of it though

Also chek to see if all the power cables are properly connected to the sockets and devices, and check for Brown, Burn't and melted plugs and sockets.

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