Strange Slow Response to Refreshing


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If I change something in WE nothing happens until I hit F5. Or maybe wait 2-3 minutes.
I installed a program and clkd to open - nothing happened so I assumed it didn't work in W7 and removed it. A few min after that it opened as many times as I had previously clkd it.
The same thing happens when I insert or remove a USB stick or a disk in the dvd drive. With WE open it is not acknowledged for many minutes even if I close and reopen WE.
Clking on programs has no delay - they open immediately.
It is a new HP compact size DT.

What might cause this?????????????
I have tried a number of things including offing the AV software (Vipre).



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First, I always recommend a system restore to a date before the problem started occurring. Then continue.

Try turning off Windows Search and indexing:
Turn Off Windows Search

Also, read here for optimizing Windows 7 for better performance:

A throw in the dark:
Someone posted a specific solution for him:

I found that in Task Manager the app that was pulling down Explorer was "ssvagent.exe" a bit of Java code from Sun. I located the exe file and renamed it "ssvagent.exe.old" and all is now well.

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it is a client with a new HP. About all that she uses if IE, email, Word, Quicken and something like Picasa
I have no idea if there are any restore points, and I can't imagine that she did something to cause this.


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By default, Windows creates restore points systematically, and so does various software when installed so you should have restore points. Read here how to restore your system:How to use Windows 7 System Restore | Windows 7 News

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