strange/slowed windows opening/closing

Hi all,

i've a small, but very annoying problem with windows seven 64 bit. i dont know how to express it by words, so i'll just show you the movie recorded by me.

see? here's the problem. its not as smooth as it should be. when im minimizg or maximizing the window its smooth, and theres not problem, but when im opening or closing any window it looks like in the movie.

pc spec:

e7200 @ 2.95 ghz
9800 gt 512 mb
4 gb ram

vista worked properly, fast and i have to say it, better than win seven.. i tried reinstalling drivers for my gpu, i tried many releases of drivers from nvidia, even from omega. all of them behaved the same way (btw. i think theyre fine, cause i can play dirt2 or gta iv on high details without any problem). i know its a tiny problem, but for me, its a to be or not to be thing, if its unsolvable, then ill have to go back to vista..

i hope u will help me

best regards, crying man.

/apologies for my poor english, i tried!

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ok, i've read some stuff, and i can see im not the only one, and that its unsolvable for now.

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