Strange taskbar 'buttons' icon issue... [changing icons]

Hi all,

I'm curious if anyone else has run into something like this. I've had Windows 7 Beta and RC and now RTM on my home desktop and have had no issues whatsoever, however they were all clean installs.

Now, I've gone ahead and upgraded from Vista Business to 7 Pro on my laptop. I haven't done an upgrade in a while so I didn't input a key just yet in case things went..bad.

And as a whole, things work just fine. The C: drive is a little messy, etc...but that's an upgrade for ya.

However--what Windows 7 calls the "taskbar buttons" in the properties are having some odd issues. Only when it's on "always combine" (which I prefer so far), the icons for certain programs will just...CHANGE. For example, I have on my taskbar: Windows Explorer, which is fine, then Firefox, which is showing the Windows Explorer icon! Then Pidgin which is fine, then Chrome with some sort of Windows upgrade-y icon...then Outlook with some sort of computer monitor / arrow thing. I'll take a photo to help explain.

This generally occurs when I close the cover of the laptop and reopen it. This will also fix the problem if I try it enough times--the icons will go back to normal.

Everything works 100% even when it's screwy--it's just quite the annoyance. Anyone have any issues similar to this, and is there a fix other than a clean install? Thanks!

EDIT: Also, the icons are normal as soon as I open the cover...then they 'transform' into the bad ones after a second or two. Almost always the same ones too!

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