Strange White Pixel on left top corner of desktop only.


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I did some search for "small white pixel on monitor" and other similar phrases, but the only talk about dead pixels, stuck pixels, windows update with IE 4...but nothing about windows 7.

I did do an update 3 day prior to this starting, but no other installs and updates after that.

The problem did not start until this morning...I racked my brain towards any updates or fresh installs of applications or drivers. However, I can only remember the windows update and the problem with the white pixel didn't start until 3 days after the install.

I used my windows key + D (show desktop) after closing all programs and it goes away shortly or until I open another window. Then, it appears on my desktop again.

I tried turning my monitor on and off...using pixel software to shuffle through pixels quickly...(although..that was just a "What the hey! I know it won't work...but why not"..LOL)

Anyway I gave all the information I could

Did you try system restore ?


1. The white pixel on your monitor can be some sort of overlapping from your second monitor.

2. It can also be caused by a certain process. To try to find out what that process is I suggest you install TaskSwitchXP. Install and run it in Vista compatibility mode, press the hotkey to switch, it should show you a list of your running tasks and their corresponding process names. Check if the white pixel is on the switch list.

all right, kinda new to forum so this may not be proper format.

i just put windows 7 enterprise on my about 7 year old laptop, which had previously become so slow it was impossible to use.
anyway, i started up windows after reinstalling it, and i kept getting stuck on the same darn screen with the annoying white pixel stuck in the left corner.
after rebooting multiple times and trying to repair with the disk, but no dice.
so i rebooted one last time, and got stuck on the same screen. what did i do? slam the keyboard a couple times (space bar and a few letters is about it) and magically, about thirty seconds later... THE FIRST TIME USE SETUP!!!!

I've been struck with the black screen of death using Windows 7 while booting normally and in safe mode. After several days of work, found a way to recover!

1. Boot from the Windows 7 install disk
2. After choosing your language, choose the "Repair your computer" option on the "install now" screen
3. Optional step: if you need special drivers to access your hard drives (SCSI, etc), follow the "load drivers" onscreen instructions to read them from an external source.
4. When prompted, choose the "System restore" option
5. Choose one of the previous restore points (I chose the second one down on mine just to be sure)
6. The system will roll back installs to that restore point; reboot only when prompted

Once I did this, my system was able to boot and worked normally again! I hope this is helpful to you.
Blinking courser on left top coner

I reinstalled windows 7 just over a week ago and recently noticed a small red dot that only shows on my desktop and not while playing movies or what ever. I started playing around with shutting down programs and turned off the one that controls window coler and it went away. so I did a small test.


in test 1 the pixel is gone/transparent, in test 2 you can see the red desktop pixel, in the 3rd test the pixel is now yellow. so the pixel is tied into the window color.
The only question is how to get rid of it because I personally don't like transparent windows. (I'll put up with it for now thow)

PS: you can notice the single pixel better if you download the images from test 2 and 3

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