Strange Windows 7(RC1) Problem

This happened on another computer, so I thought it might've just been the computer itself, but now it's doing it on a brand new computer. What's the problem?

Well, here's what happens. Whenever I turn my computer on, and it didn't do this for a long time, it just started doing it recently, I go open up Mozilla Firefox, and it takes roughly 5~10 minutes to load it up. Heck, every application and program does that until I get something to actually start up. Now, on my old computer, it didn't start doing that until about a month and a half after installing Windows 7. This time, it's only been about 15 days. Now I have an application/program that starts up automatically when Windows 7 logs in(2 separate accounts on the computer), and it loads up just fine. But anything else, it refuses to load them for a good amount of time. It gets really irritating.

Does anyone know what's causing this, and if there is anything I can do to fix it?


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Hi vaughnb21,
I wondered if you had a cleaning regime or not?

Try running this app: Download CCleaner 2.22.968 -
Defragmentation can also clean up your drive allowing it to find files quicker: Disk Defrag - Reclaim the Speed Of Your Disks

If none of the above fail to help any or I'm completely on the wrong track then please post and let me know..

Unfortunately, it didn't help. But for some reason, it's not all prorams.

(just examples)
List of programs that start up fine:
Google Chrome
Skype 4.1

List of programs that don't start up very well:
M. Firefox
M. Thunderbird
Zune Software
Internet Explorer
Trillian Astra

I honestly have no idea why it's doing this. I even ran chkdsk, and it's still doing this...

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