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Reading other posts I have been given the impression that Windows 7 is not too good at streaming. I'm not too au fait with all the information on the subject but I think I'm not dumb. So tell me, why when I stream audio - like a radio station on line - does my computer keep losing the 'stream'? I have increased the size of the buffer considerably and this helps a little but now and then I get what Firefox calls the sound of silence!
I usually stream (is that the right phrase?) while I am working with another application and I suspect there is some conflict between the two. Sometimes my computer even loses the netgear adapter and this happens if I am playing a game.
I have W7/64 bit, AMD Phenom II x2 3.1 Ghz, 8GB Ram and a Sapphire 5000 series graphic card.


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streaming audio doesn't generally require much bandwidth and Windows 7 can stream just fine. This sounds more like an issue with your network connection if the adapter keeps disappearing. Have yo tried hard wiring to your home router with an Ethernet cable?


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I'm with neemo here. It's more likely windows corruption, virus/malware infection (have you scanned your PC for viruses recently; updated the definitions?), or even more likely it's a failed hardware component such as your hard drive. Your W7 system is at least 6 years old; hard drives only last 3 years in desktop PCs, only 2 years in laptops. If you've never replaced your hard drive since you opened that computer from the box it came from; you have an 85% that the hard drive is failing and or failed!! You should consider testing your hardware. I was streaming Netflix on W7 for a year before I upgraded to W10, and it worked just fine once I changed my ISP to get better Internet speed (went from 7Mbps to 65Mbps). This on an 8 year old Sony laptop. W7 isn't your problem,:noway: it's more likely one of the above.

Here's a link to help you resolve your problem:Windows 10 - Unclickable Task Bar

start by testing your hardware and then applying software repair solutions as listed in my post.

Best of luck,:encouragement:

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