Windows 7 Streaming Avi's To xbox 360 dashboard


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Has anyone had any luck with this using the xbox dashboard? I had no problems doing this using vista/media player11 but have not been able to get it to work since installing windows 7.

I set up media sharing on my home network and configured media player 12 for my folders. It finds my folder and sub folders but says "no videos found". It plays my audio files just as before but no luck at all with video.

Media center does work but I have never liked using this method to stream anything from my computer. It is far too sluggish. Using the dashboard to stream audio/video is a far cleaner and smoother method.
I use the media center to stream mine and i could never get it to work with vista..i havent tried the method u mentioned yet..

Sorry I couldnt help..
try messing around with the firewall see if that help. if you can see the folders most likely not a firewall issue. but its worth a try maybe check the ports.
same here i got it woking no prob but it says no video files??? i have to reboot in xp to stream anything its a pain in the [email protected]#e

I found a workaround. I changed the extension to .wmv, then re added them to the library and they are fine now. I would never have thought that would work but I have done that for 15 or so files, Give that a try
i tried that but didnt re add them i will try that one thanks :)

Yeah its strange. When using vista/wmp11 all I had to do was add the files to whatever folder media player was sharing. Then when I navigated to my video files using the xbox dashboard those files were visible. Now what I have to do is go to library/video/folder withing media player and drag them in from the folder and that does the trick. Good luck.

I hope this issue is fixed in the release version but for now this method it is a very workable solution for me.
im not having any luck with it!!!

well lets forget all this as i have just got the rrod!!!! i am getting fed up with the 360 its the theird time this has happened in 2 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

microsoft suld fix this problem before they bring out a new operating system!!!!!!!! well actually they suldnt that was just said in anger!!! lol
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I was never able to get it to work in the traditional Media Centre manner, but I did get it to work another way. I installed Winamp Remote ( Link Removed due to 404 Error ), connected to it from my 360, and streamed the videos from the folders there.

Hey guys, I think I figured out how to fix the problem. Hope it helps - Streaming media to the Xbox 360 from Windows 7. « An Inaudible Whisper

Followed your guide exactly, now my whole network is f*****. This walkthrough does not work and screws up everything. Thanks for nothing.

Now I have major issues if anyone can please help me. I followed this guide which installed a bs version of windows media player 11 on my computer, but it did not work. How can I get WMP 12 back on my computer. At least before I could access my videos through my video library and use Xenon converter to watch videos, but now nothing works. If I goto MyComputer/Network/Xbox360 and try to right click on the Xbox 360 I get a windows explorer error. Whatever you do, dont use this guide.
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I would first try to delete the Bogus programm with Add/remove programms. And after that just re install your default media player. Or
you could try using Tversity. This programm uses a seperate media server to stream all sorts of files to your Console be it Xbox360 PS3 or Wii. It even supports Mkv files and other obscure formats. And it has been confirmed to work with Win7

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