Stuck at Boot Menu/App Menu.


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Ok, so I brought my Toshiba laptop over to a friends house last night. We did some gaming, and everything was fine and acting normal. This morning, I packed up and when I got home, started up my laptop. A black screen with a window popped up with boot menu and app menu on it. Under the Boot Menu, there is Windows Boot Manager, and SATA:: TSSTcorp CDDVDW SU-B08AB. Under App Menu, There is Setup. The only thing I can enter is Setup, and there is a lot of things I don't understand. I'm definitely an amateur at computers so please help me.


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Can you somehow get screenshots of what you're seeing. Would help a lot.


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Can you somehow get screenshots of what you're seeing. Would help a lot.


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On occasion, my system will ask be to go to the bios setup by selecting F1. This might happen if I had changed something or the system thought I changed something and wanted me to check. After entering the setup, I could usually continue with the boot.

In you case maybe something changed. Have you gone through the normal settings and made sure they were correct? Are you showing the memory you think you have, video still set correctly?

Secure Boot usually allows you to start booting before it throws you back into the bios, so it doesn't really sound like this, but did you change anything regarding the Secure Boot settings? Are there any new devices and/or drivers installed? I suppose there could be a very small possibility some type of virus was picked up, if you were on your friend's network. But I have to assume some type of special message would be generated in such a circumstance.

Does the Toshiba have any system diagnostics Toshiba made available you could run during boot, maybe some special F key?


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It's pretty obvious the HDD isn't there. Something either happened to the volume or it's not connected. You must be able to see your HDD in the setup menu before it can boot from it. I would check the HDD.


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Stop! 1. Hdd je mimo konektor, vypnout notebook, vyndat a dobře nasadit, mohl spadnout někomu, nebo při manipulaci s hardware byl špatně nasazet.