Windows 7 stuck at boot screen


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Jan 26, 2009
windows 7 has been installed and working fine for the last few days. it was being kinda slow so i decided to restart. well, it tells me theres like 15 things to manually shut down (including the clock like 7 times). i shut down, it restarts and freezes at the HP boot screen. nothing. cant use any of the options on that screen, nothing. is this windows 7 problem or virus? i havnt had any virus protection for the last few days, so its quite possible. anyone have a suggestion?
I would lean towards corrupt install maybe.. something that degenerated over a couple of days... I'm assuming you did the install from a DVD??? or from USB either way. just boot from dvd or usb and repair the install, should help. otherwise, you're only a couple days in. just do a new install.
well, i wanted to try something and when i turned it back on for like the 10th time it just started up normally. not sure what the problem is, but im not going to restart for a bit
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