Windows 7 Stuck on RESTORE


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I need to restore the registry HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Installer|Features key. I made a restore point last night. Today I tried to follow the Win 7 32-bit guidance of hitting the F-8 key when the OS System choice comes up on boot and selecting the Most Recent Point option via F8. BUT I have an ASUS mobo (M4A78T-E) and found I could not force it to give me the Recent Point option. Went to ASUS Tech Support, and was told that F8 is the BIOS etc call in ASUS world. He recommended I go to Microsoft for the right procedure. We started around in a circle. Too early for finger pointing.

Then I figured I could just invoke System Restore to the last point. After the (first) re-boot the app chugs for a while and then dies on a 0x80070005 error and points a finger tentatively at an "antivirus program" running. I can can easily stop Zone Alarm for the extent session but that doesn't work (or is not the problem). In the Services Console I can only find one listing for Zone Alarm LTD Toolbar IswSvc. Is that what I'm after? I have changed it from Auto to disabled but would like to check.

Any other ideas out there?