Student Offer

Hi to all, just need a simple question answered. I have pre-ordered the Windows 7 Professional student offer here in the Uk for £30 + a disk for £9. My wife is just about to order hers but do I need to order another disk or will the same one do and just use two seperate licences. I do plan to download the upgrade on the 22nd but like the thought of having the disk just in case in case all goes pear shaped!!! By the way this is my first post as I've got all my answers from this forum without needing to ask. Well done to everyone who help others.:eek:

It will depend on what version the ei.cfg file says to load. The reg key for home edtion won't install pro version. If you have the keys to the same version it won't matter.

Thanks mate, that will save me £9. The Mrs is getting Windows7 Professional as well so I'll just use the same disk. I've tested it on a Dell Mini 10 and it's quicker and smoother than XP.

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