Stuff not activating after idle time?

Not really sure how to word this problem, but I will try.

I can't seem to get anything that would activate after X mins of idling to work. This includes screen savers and going Idle for Windows Live Messenger. Anyone know what I might of done to cause this? Is there maybe a service I should check to see if it's on or not?


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do you mean that after you've had the screensaver running (idle time) that nothing will work there after?

Could you please supply some information.
Is the installation an upgrade or fresh install?

When you burned the original iso, at what speed did you burn it at?

Lastly, please list your computer make and model
Thankyou :)


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It will help a little, also, if you say which OS you are using and the build number. They each have there own idiosyncrasies.

I mean that if something is set to start, say, after 5 mins of idle time and the computer has been idle for 5 mins. nothing will start. This is true for Screen Saves and going Idle in Windows Live Messenger and if I had anything scheduled to run after the computer has been idle it won't start either.

32 Bit Windows 7. Fresh install. It has been this way for a while, though.
Not really sure on the build of Windows 7.

Here are the specs:
AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core 5000+
NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT
2.5 Gigs of Ram

Some 3rd party programs don't run at idle properly, they never detect the system is idle.

However,, the Screen Saver should always kick in after a set amount of idle time.
Are you sure you have the screen saver set properly?

Only thing I can tell you, is something is keeping the system alive,,, not allowing it to idle.
You will need to watch your processes (Task Manager or Process Explorer) and see what is going on.

I never thought to look at it that way, I will try to see if I can dig up anything =/

Thanks :3

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