Windows 7 Submit your desktop!


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Sep 24, 2010
I think that this would be nice! Post a snapshot of your desktop, DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING, just leave it the way it is RIGHT NOW :D

Here is mine (it's been "untouched" since 3.6.2010)

It's a Gateway NV53 series notebook.. I've stickied your thread as I think it's pretty cool. :)
Simple things etc. etc.....

Desk 100925.png

Everything I constantly use is hidden in the Quick launch.
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Kemical, Your computer is a ticking timebomb, I mean what is the number 27 for in the system tray beside MSE? is that a counter if so what program is it? I haven't seen that one before. :)
I dont really have much to background cycles every minute from Digital Blasphemy. I also like to have 0 icons on the desktop. :D
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