Subsequent back-up after updates

Hi Folks

Windows 7 recently updated with about 17 additions.
Is it policy to take a systems back-up (originally carried out after purchase on two DVD's)?

If the answer is yes (which seems logical) can it be carried out on an external hard drive since the notices appear to only mention USBs or DVDs?

Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere.:(

Otherwise I am enjoyng the OS and my new laptop.



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If you are using Backup and Restore, the options to create an image are Hard Drive or DVD or Network.


Here 's where I show my ignorance. The backup choices for hard drive are 'Windows' or 'system'.
I thought Windows was the system. What I am looking for is what we used to be provided with
in the past , which was a disc with the operating system on, so that if it went down it could be
replaced. Is this the 'Windows' part that is referred to?



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Most OEM have options to make backup disks when you first recieve it and usually that will go to dvd to restore it like the day you bought it.
Windows 7 has something called System Image which works pretty good, I just restored my system by tapping F8 when it is booting
I had created the image on another drive and yes it even see my usb external drive


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Using Backup and Restore, on the top left of the window is the option to create an image. This will image your install and allow you to even put in a new hard drive and restore to get your system back.

I do not use the other file type of backup, so I am not fully aware of its choices. But it seems the image backup is what you are looking for. You could start that process and see if it gives you some choices you want.

Otherwise, the Windows/System option would seem to be system for your situation. The system should include boot files. If you choose Windows, it will probably back up the OS install, but not the parts necessary for a full system restore. It might be important to note that in many installs, the System would include 2 partitions, one being the system (boot files) and one the OS. If you are referring to that, you need to select both.

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