Windows 7 SUCCESS! installing Realtek driver!


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Jan 10, 2009

I followed advice to get the driver at the manufacturer of my laptop's site instead of Realtek's driver page.

At the Toshiba site was the driver for this group of Satellite model, so I downloaded and ran the executable file. It did not work.

I then manually installed the driver by going to Device Manager where my adaptor was listed as "unknown device." I double clicked the "unknown device" and clicked "update driver."

Then I just followed the path to where the Toshiba executable program had put the non-working driver, in Program Files, and inputted it as the proper driver. I rebooted and it connected outomatically as Windows 7 was booting the desktop! All I had to do was put in my router secutity key.

Thank you all for your help and suggestions. The suggestion to use the driver from the computer manufacturer is the one that did it! Good job!
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