Sudden BSODs After Blackout

Hello All,

First time poster here, hopefully someone can help me out. I turned on my computer last night with the intention of using it and about 20 minutes after it was started we lost power. When power returned I restarted the computer, and immediately started getting error messages such as "Windows Explorer has shut down" and "Server has shut down" with the prompt to check for a solution. Needless to say there was never a solution given to me. This happened every other time when I restarted the computer. Eventually it started normally.

This morning I started the computer again, and we were back to the error messages again, however this time I have been getting some IRQ Not Less than Equal BSODs as well. In addition, it shut down on its own once the Win7 logo appeared. Memtest86 was inconclusive, and using known good memory was no help. No new hardware or software has been installed in some time, and this computer has been relatively flawless since its build back in April. Im at a loss now. I have attached the minidump logs. Thanks in advance for the help!


My specs:

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Hello and welcome.

1) Install my attachment to update this driver:

ASACPI ASACPI.sys Sun Mar 27 22:30:36 2005

2) Only do this ever for this file: Right click the NVIDIA network adapter in the device manager. Choose update driver software. See if you get an updated driver for this installed:

nvmf6264 nvmf6264.sys Thu Jul 30 19:48:18 2009

If not, let me know.

3) Update Agere modem driver. It's way old:

ltmdm64 ltmdm64.sys Wed Mar 08 09:28:58 2006

4) Update NVIDIA nForce chipset drivers:

nvstor nvstor.sys Wed May 20 02:45:37 2009


5) Open an elevated command prompt. Run this command:

chkdsk /r


Hi There,

Thanks for the really quick response. I did the first step, and when I clicked on the .exe in the attached folder the computer automatically shut down and restarted, as if I restarted it myself from the start menu. The network adapter and modem drivers are the most up to date, according to the prompt I receive.

Before I go and update the chipset, the one installed is the latest off of the Asus site. I heard good and bad about going with the chipset from nVidia, but if you feel that can be the cause of the issue, Ill do it now. Just checking before hand.


PS I did a chkdsk right before I started this thread.

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Don't pay any attention to internet rumors.

I'm giving you the absolute best professional advice.

Please follow it and when done with everything, post new crashes if they happen and we will be on to fixing this sooner, rather than later. Even if that means adjusting the bios or actually needing to replace the memory.

Hopefully the drivers should take care of things, especially the ancient NVIDIA drivers you have installed already. If you aren't able to update them to 2010 versions, then let me know which motherboard you have.

I'll design a custom solution.

You'd also do well to set the RAM VDIMM (voltage) to 2.1v for that OCZ you have, manually. (Instead of 1.8v.)

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OK, thanks again for the advice. Good to hear some positive vibes when it comes to this kind of stuff. Ill install the latest nVidia chipset now, and post with any new issues. Thanks!!!


No doubt and a dutch. :)

Hi Again,

OK, chipset is update to 15.51. Even comes up now on the Nvidia auto detect drivers site. Unfortunately, when I restarted the computer, it shut down again at the Win7 logo. I dont even know where to start with that.

Did you set the VDIMM manually like I said, yet?

Yes, voltage set to 2.09 (there is no 2.10, just 2.09 and 2.11). It still shuts down at restart. When I start it up after it shuts itself down, it asks me if I want to do a startup recovery or start normally. I start normally and then it starts as it should.


Post a screen shot of CPU-Z spd and memory tabs. You can attach the jpegs directly.

Also post any new crash dumps after above changes were made.

As requested. Be advised that there is only 4096MB of memory. The previous CPU-Z info showed 8.

Change the timings in the bios to 5-5-5-18-24. Save.

So far, everything seems OK. I cant thank you enough. Any idea why the power losss caused such havoc?

Computer is running well, when it starts. By that I mean it still intermittently shuts down after power on at the windows 7 logo. POST is fine, and when I restart, it will start normally, after selecting the option to start windows normally.

#16 long as it's not crashing during use....:)

Unplug it from the wall if you haven't done so in some time and let it sit a minute or so.

I did the unplug and sit method. Still it intermittently shuts down at startup. I reset BIOS to defaults and when I started back up something called "DHCPv6 client" installed when Win7 started up. Weird...for sure.

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