Sudden Mouse Issues

Been running Win 7 since Beta on my same hardware, no problems. I am now running a purchased copy of Win 7 Ultimate 64bit. Yesterday, my mouse abruptly stopped responding.
Here is what I have already done.
1. Test the mouse on my Win 7 Ult. 32bit laptop - works fine
2. Test another USB mouse on desktop with reboot - no response
3. Check for driver updates - none found
4. Uninstall driver, reboot with mouse plugged in - no improvement
5. Noticed that intellipoint updated the day prior. Uninstalled intellipoint - no improvement
Reinstalled package intellipoint, no improvement. windows updated to the latest one again. nothing
6. Uninstalled other windows update from the day prior - no improvement
7. Tested USB ports with both a thumb-drive and printer - All USB ports are working fine and windows installs the peripherals for use with no issue.
8. Contemplated going office space on the computer... but I have a client needing a product in 2 days.

The mouse that has worked fine all along is a Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse 2.0
I've also tested it with 2 different wired logitec mice. All plug and play into my 32bit laptop with no problem.

Any ideas?


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The mouse should function even w/o the Intellipoint software. Can you System Restore back to before the mouse stopped working? Something in the registry may have been corrupted and the OS simply isn't recognizing it anymore. That is the only answer I can imagine at this point.

I have an Acronis Home Edition restore point from 10 days ago I could go to.
I started to do this, but was confused by something along the restore dialogue.
My OS is on a motherboard-configured RAID-0 array. Acronis recognized the disks individually to where I had to select one of the physical drives, not a RAID array. I was worried about corrupting my RAID.


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This is a big problem with backup utilities and is why I can't use hardware RAID on certain machines.

I would have preferred to use the native windows backup... but because I have 2, 2TB arrays... win backup can't handle something that big.
I'm going to triple check my data is backed up tonight, and then will attempt a restore.
In the mean time, if anyone else has any other advice... I'm all ears.


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Do you have a PS/2 mouse you can try?

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