Sudden, Random Internet Connectivity Problems

Hi all,

A few days ago my computer (an ASUS Eee Netbook) suddenly stopped being able to connect to the wireless network in my apartment, seemingly for no reason whatsoever. It had been working fine earlier in the day, I went out for about an hour (didn't even shut the computer down), returned home and was unable to connect to the network. The computer can locate the network and continues to attempt connecting to it with no luck. I can connect to other networks without any trouble. It has never done this before. I've rebooted the computer several times and performed a System Restore, but without any success. I'm hesitant to reset the router as this is a shared connection with the other people in my apartment (who as far as I know aren't having any trouble with the connection). Any ideas?



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Hello and welcome to the forum.
If the wireless connection worked fine earlier in the day and continues to work fine elsewhere on other wireless networks then I would suspect that something has changed on the router in your apartment.
You can try opening the network and sharing center and from the left column choose "Manage wireless networks" select the problem wireless profile and remove it. Close the network and sharing center and click the network icon by the clock in the notification area, select the wireless network (ssid) you want to connect to and rebuild the connection profile when prompted for a network key (passphrase) enter the appropriate information and see if it connects again. The wireless profile could have become corrupted somehow.
Failing this, resetting the router may be your only option you could try some other options like changing the channel for the wireless network and see if that helps at all. And be sure to double check any firewalling at the device and confirm if it its performing MAC filtering that your wireless adapter's MAC address is included in the allow table.

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