Sudden screen freeze

I've been using my computer now, and this issue is getting (somewhat) more common. SO, here I will be playing my game or surfing on the internet, when suddenly.... BOOM! Screen freeze. I can't move my mouse, I can't CTRL+ALT+DEL or do anything. There is not even a BSOD. It just hangs there forever. The only way for me to use my computer again, is to force shut it down. Can someone please help?

Also, My computer's specs:
Nvidia GTX 680
16GB Ram
4TB harddisk (2tb x 2tb)
And that is all. I should also mention that I have my graphics card updated to the latest drivers. The Nvidia one, not the intel one. But I doubt intel is the problem.

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Captain Jack

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Hello there!

Install Speedfan or HWMonitor and check the Core temps. Maybe Overheat can cause this. Download Malwarebytes and run a complete scan to rule out any infection.

Please Keep in mind that all Staff here are volunteers and also have their normal every day jobs and are located around the globe. If you dont get an answer it is most likely that the person with the expertise is not on line.

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Referring to Captain Jack, I add: You have any picture of when the problem started? I mean, you've been running the system for two years... and now... bang? Or?

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