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Windows 7 Sudden Shutdown on Windows 7


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May 28, 2009
I've a Asus M4N72-E Motherboard, a AMD Phenom II x4 64Bits, Windows 7 64Bits installed.. WaterCooling system with .02 Liquid Nitrogen Solution from Thermaltake with it,

Processor is New
Memory is New
Motherboard is new
Hard Drives are new 2 VelociRaptors 200 GB.
4 GB Ram OZ Series with heat Sink.
2x Nvidia 280 EVGA Black Pearl (New)
Power Supply is new OZ Xtreme 800W with dual line for Video Cards.

The System Board is running at 37 Degrees
The Video Cards are running at 32 Degrees
Processor is running a 41 Degrees

Motherboard has the 750a chipset,
The system Bios is 802 (latest from 4/9/2009)

The system is running perfectly on Vista and no problems at all .

I decided last night to install Windows 7 . Installed all drivers, and installed everything, I had to install from the Nvidia Page the Nforce Drivers due some non detected nvidia parts..

the system maximun temperature is an averange of 47 degree . When playing game.
The maximun for the motherboard to automatically shutdown is 71 Degrees.. that is the processor max temperature.

told that the system is not overheating.

Memory are tested on other system, on vista and work perfectly no problem (similar system with vista) Same system with the difference of only 1 hard drive instead of 2.

After certain point while playing game the system suddenly shutdowns... like i took out the power supply. I am thinking on going back to vista, since the problem is pretty anoying. And some times, i have to restart the computer 3/4 times in order to get it back to work. Some times when loading. The system automatically shutdowns

Mostly happens when I am playing games that has to use Direct3D (Wow, SWG, Age of Connan)

I am assuming is a proglem with the operating system.. since the same machine ran Vista W/O any kind of problem for an entire week.

Any Sugestions?
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Sorry to hear your problem but I had to remark on your cpu temps I have the Phemom II 940 running @3.4 and my temps are as follows using stock cooling @ startup 29c after 2hours of playing GTA IV 47c what temps were you getting with Vista?
Same temperatures, i have same on both system with an exception of a hard drive.
The system was autstanding on Vista. And I also switched all the stuff except the motherboard to the other box, and still do the same.

Temperatures :


26 Degree Celcius Processor
21 Degree Celcius Video Card
27 Degree Celcius MotherBoard
19 Degree Celcius Air In the Case

After Sudden Shutdown

49 Degree Celcius Processor
47 Degree Cecius Video0
45 Degree Celcius Video1
43 Degree Celcius Motherboard
27 Degree Celcius Circulating Air in the case.

2 hour 39 minutes of Playing Star Wars Galaxies.

Both System,

1 AMD Phenom II Processor 940 x4 64 Bits
1 Motherboard M4N72-E Asus Bios Date 4/9/2008 Version 802
2 EVGA Black Pearl 260 Nvdia Video Cards.
1 Termaltake Water Cooling system with .02 Liquid Nitrogen Solution
1 OZ Extreme 800W Power Supply


Computer 1 - 1x VelociRaptor 340GB Hard Drive
Computer 2 - 2x VelociRaptor 200GB in Raid0

Vista has an Uptime now since i started it, on May 24, 2009
Windows 7 - Suddenly Shutdown after 2 and a half hours.
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This is hardly an OS problem, but likely a driver conflict with the OS. Is the system stable when you are not playing any games? If so, then there is some video driver in-compatibility going on between win7 and the graphics card or even a problem with the game + windows 7. This could be expected since this is is still not a finalized version of win 7. I've had no issues playing high end games over win 7. Perhaps try re-installing the game?
yes it is stable. Can be on for hours. with no problem, I can see movies i can see everything.. navegate the internet with no hazzles.. Except when I play games
I also think is Driver Problem rather than a SystemProblem, the second system i put windows 7, is completely out of the box... that does not mean that part comes bad from manufacturer, but is more unlikely .

And putting those parts on the Vista System does not show any further problems.