Suddenly Windows wants to dial an internet connection

Suddenly, my direct connected (Cat 5 to the broadband modem) computer is asking me to dial a connection. It no longer seems to know that it is simply connected. When I look at the devices tab, it shows Enabled for my network card and I have tried to reinstall the drivers.

I dual boot with Ubuntu and Ubuntu is able to access the internet (and network) fine.

It seems Windows 7 just stopped using the card and is trying to use a dial up.

This all happened after a sudden start up error.

I tried to restore to a different restore point, however no matter which I try, they are all "unsuccessful".

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Have a look here to make sure your settings are correct;
Control Panel\Network and Internet, then click on Internet Options, make sure the settings are as in the pic provided, including the blank dialog box for Dial-Up and Virtual Private Network settings;

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Well, before I saw your post, I deleted the network adapter, thinking Windows would reinstall the driver for it. I took the drivers from the manufacturers site (ASUS) and tried to reinstall them. For what it is worth, these are the same drivers that I used for the initial install. The drivers seem to have reinstalled fine.

When I boot into Windows 7, the router does not even see the network card. When I boot into Ubuntu, the router sees the computer with no issue and it works fine.

Everything is already configured the way it should be in your picture. When I click "set up an internet connection" the only option I am given is "Broadband PPPoE", which requires a user name and password. This is not correct. Yet it is the only option.

Turn On Network Discovery will not turn on in public or home networks.

Peer name resolution service is not turned on....

I found the above post and several like it, but it appears from Google searches that this is a lost cause and that I need to reinstall Windows 7.

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