Suddenly wireless connection not working on asus eee pc running on win 7

I have Asus eee PC since 2010 with Win 7 and never had any problem. I was working on my laptop without any problem. But for last couple of hours I am not able to connect to my wireless network. It doesn't show any network. It only shows the message "Not connected. No connections available".

I have internet service through out the house. Wireless is also working on my IPod, IPad and IPhone. I have desktop connected with network wire and internet is working just fine. When I connect my EEE with network cable, everything is working as expected. Only wireless is not working.

I already tried the following:
1. restarted my eee pc
2. restarted wireless router (doing this before, would remove any problem but not this time)
3. Tried clicking Fn + F2 buttons

Also, few minutes back my machine was updated with automatic update of Win 7 SP1.

Nothing is working.. I don't know what happened. It is so frustrating to see things stop working without any valid reason.

I would appreciate if someone can make my machine work again. I really wish I get wireless soon. PLEASE help.

Got it working now. I should have tried checking the device driver. It was disabled automatically.. not sure why? But as soon as I enabled it, wireless connectivity reappeared.

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