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Hey guys!
Here's my Specs: click me!

Remember: Its a Small Form Factor PC (SFF)
My budgets seriously low, and all I want is to be able to run most modern games at around 30 FPS with medium settings (Watch_Dogs 2, JC3, Mafia3, etc.) That's all I want to do on my PC. I currently have a NVidia GT 610 installed, which is a relic, and from what I understand, only 2GBs are installed. I am barely able to run Watch_Dogs 2. Please suggest some good NVidia GPUs within an extremely low budget. I was thinking of GTX 780Ti myself, but have no idea how much capacity my PC has, so help me out there as well.

TL;DR: My PC HP Compaq Elite 8300 Small Form Factor. Suggest good GPU for modern games within SUPER-LOW budget. Also, help me out by telling what's the max. GPU memory it can have.

Edit: Please list out the cheapest ones first.
May I suggest ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Mini, 4GB GDDR5 DisplayPort 128-bit PCI-E Graphic Card (ZT-P10510A-10L): Computers & Accessories it's the 4gb variant mini model for small form factors and should play most games on medium/high

Nice suggestion indeed, but may I request something from Indian sites? And slightly cheaper around $100? Thank you so much friend.
And, please help me out by checking the max amount of VRAM my SFF PC can support. Thank you everybody again!
I looked up your computer specs at the HP website and it shows that your computer power supply is 240 watts. What type of processor do you have? I have a mid tower Lenovo desktop computer and it came with a 280 watt power supply. I replaced the video card a year ago with a new GeForce 750Ti. Old video card was a 550 GTX video card. The power supply was running near full load while playing games. I replaced the 280 watt power supply with a new 430 watt power supply and it runs cool. I am not sure if you can replace the small form factor power supply with a higher wattage power supply so you can use a newer video card.
A 1050 would be perfect as it's current and at most uses 75W through the PCIE unfortunately I can't find one for 100$
You're going to struggle with such a small psu output and a better gpu, the first thing would have to be replaced is the psu....once you've got a better psu, then I would pursue a better can run watchdogs 2 on a gtx 750ti, with no problems.
I'd probably recommend a Skylake rather than a Kabylake. Kabylake is the newest but there isn't enough performance difference to go from a Skylake to a Kabylake anyway. Not to mention Kabylake is an anomaly CPU as Intel will be getting ready to release what I've heard will be their 9nm processor family circa early to mid 2018. I lost the article on it, but I remember the website stated they highly recommend not pony'ing up the $$$. Go Skylake on a budget. cheers!
If it matters, I am having a i7 Quadcore, 3rd gen., running at 3.4 Ghz, and max output is about 3.9 Ghz.
So, what do oyu people suggest I do? Get a better power output if possible before getting a new GPU?
If you have a 3770 I7 (that's 3rd gen) it's a good processor. If you're a gamer and want a better GPU I would think about moving the parts to a regular case. You would have to replace the motherboard and possibly the OS. Thing is you want to get it out of that case and into a standard mATX/ATX form factor if possible so that you can then utilize standard size PC components.
Alright, So, can you suggest good Hardware within a pretty much low budget? I'll be extremely grateful. Thank You, And also, I don't understand the requirement of getting a new OS, because I already have a genuine Windows 10 64-Bit Pro edition, with all update installed.
Again, Thank You!
Your windows OS is fine. I'd go with an Nvidia 1060 or a 1070 minimum. I'd lean to a 1070. But the question- on your budget? if you're reckoning with budget, you might be stuck with a last iteration 900 series.

as for storage, I'm all into these SSD M.2's. they are small and fast. I can boot and login in less that 20-25 seconds.

or.. wait till next year and go with the CoffeeLake processors (Q2- '18). they are supposed to be the 10nm process and the next gen. so it depends on you.. do you want it now, or can you wait? because if the coffeelake is too much, then skylakes will drop when it releases. that's the way of the market.

another option is if your last gen intel, spring for a kabylake when coffeelake rolls out. you might get close to bleeding edge as possible within your budget.

another money saving aspect is, "do you want to shave some costs and go with an AMD?" AMD is a budget gamers CPU and can still play nice with Nvidia. I have played with CPU's from both camps and I like both however, Intel betas AMD hands down on compatibility. AMD can have some minor issues as well. Get a Motherboard as well from a trusted name. stay away from no name boards. ASUS, Intel, MSI and more.. TOP Motherboard manufacturers according to Toms Hardware (Trusted name in hardware analysis).

Also Intels CPU roadmap

I hope that's SOME help in the most important aspect of your journey.

I plunked 2k down for this MSI gaming laptop this past December. it was worth it. But as for CPU's with what's out there now, CPU's and systems can last a decade because the extra cores and speeds are so up there, the only reason to upgrade is for gaming or video work.
Looks like ragnarok has you squared away :) what is the status on this did you end up getting/updating anything?
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I'd put Gigabyte and MSI above ASUS after seeing the debacle of the ASUS bios issues with new zen boards.

We are about to receive an architecture refresh soon. from 12nm to 9 or 10 nm soon. So all the kabylake and skylakes will drop to good prices. Personally, I see no reason to go coffeelake just yet.
I went through your specs and in my opinion, GTX 780Ti would be a good option for the time being and for your requirements. But still if you can mount up your budget,
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 and AMD Radeon RX 560 are two best options available in the market to have the best user experience.