Suggestion : Reputation / groups


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i had a suggestion for the website so i hope people can see my idea


i though of having peputation

reputation can be given if some one has given good and helpful , i no there is the "like" option if some one likes the post however i thought the idea can be more aimed direct at the member, so if some one is acutally good and some one can be seen as a helpfull member and then people no the inforamation provided will be accutate and correct..



i thought as an idea people can be invited into groups , such as if some one conistantly deals with blue screen debugging then then they can get invited into a " BLUE SCREEN DEBUGGER" or expert scripter..

i understand as a active member than websites will try and improve the website to ensure members get the best and quickest solution, so iff members can clearly see that i can create batch files, or debug blue screens then they can rely on the information provided

the idea would be a like a banner underneath the name ,

this has to be earned over time not just the fact one person debugged 1 blue screen for some one but to be recognised consistantly they are good on that subject

thank yoyu for reading

hope u like the information, feedback would be apprecaited and considerations


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Thanks for your suggestions.

Regarding a reputation system: we once had the system implemented on the site but decided to replace it with the experience system (feels more rewarding and our XP system was being taken advantage of). So unfortunately, that won't be implemented again.

We have a groups system (albeit rarely used in recent years) and there is already a group for BSOD debugging (Link Removed - Invalid URL). The idea of the userbanner associated with a profile is actually the same thing as a title "Public Relations" for example, except instead of text, an image is associated with the usergroup that particular user is in. It is possible for us to add more usergroups, however it's a tedious task that obviously also requires a lot of thought.