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For those of us with extra time on our hands and who like to know a little bit more than the average bear about what might be going on behind the scene and under the hood, I found a link to a PDF file that some may find handy.
Starting on about page 21 the document provides some information regarding the actual locations of files and folders that may help you get a sense of what is actually happening and where certain things are coming from, as well as some registry entries that may provide some insight as to what is going on with Security Identifiers, Relative Identifiers and Device Identifiers.
Just thought I would pass it along for those who like these kind of things.
Download Windows 8 Forensic Guide « Propeller Head Forensics
Very interesting find. Thanks, Trouble. Quite apart from the guide, someone on that page seems to know what they are doing. I took the download and got it in about 2 seconds! I did'nt even know I had downloaded it - sat there staring at the screen!
sat there staring at the screen!
, we tend to do that a lot don't we,

Excellent find Randy, thanks