Windows 7 Superbar perks for programs


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Jan 2, 2009
hey, as you guys may have noticed as of yet, a lot of microsoft programs make good use of the taskbar/superbar at the bottom, such as internet explorer history, windows explorer frequent, windows media player playlists, windows live messenger tasks and signed in users.... can all be accessed via the start menu and/or right clicking the icon on the superbar...

but this is only limited to microsoft programs as of yet in my testing... infact, even some ms programs like paint, wordpad and enterprize only use the recent feature not anything else... but thats not what this topic is about. i was wondering what other programs use this properly, and which ones really dont when they could...

my issue is Opera shows recent instead of history or bookmarks like IE, and the recent is only the files that you open locally, not webpages from the internet. moreover, the opera icon only shows on the bottom right taskbar when it is hidden, eventhough i customized the thing to 'show icons and notification'
plus, checking the put opera in quick launch bar doesn't do anything, and you have to manually 'pin to taskbar'
i understand why all this would be, seeing as though opera isnt developing for windows 7...
but if you see any programs using the windows 7 extras, or see some programs that could use it wisely when time comes...
post here.

as far as i know, these have to be programmed specifically, win7 doesn't just make them up on the fly. i think we will start seeing this feature become available in 3rd party programs over the next few months. the beta isn't even officially available for developers after all!

the only app i've tried that is written specifically for win7 is the technical preview of Kaspersky that is free to download and use for a few months. it has no jumplists, though i'm not sure how they would be useful for an interet security app.

i think they'll be most useful for things like music players that are kept running in the background and need occasional input. also for file managers or things like disc burning apps that are often started up i different folders or modes.

just be patient, this will happen in time :)