Windows 7 Superdisk -USB device, enhanced keyboard, etc.

Brad Elias

New Member
Jan 14, 2009
1.) I have the Superdisk LS/120/240 (made by Matshita) external floppy drive that worked flawlessly with Windows Vista but is now not working with Windows 7. When I click on the yellow exclamation point to troubleshoot I am offered the button to apply the fix of reinstalling the device driver. But when I do so I get an immediate window that says "invalid pointer" and when I view the error code it yields: 0x80004003. And from then nothing more. Anybody have ideas?

Thankfully I have a dual boot configuration. If I wanted to use the drive and access some files in it I revert back to my Vista partition and everything's nice and dandy.

2.) I also have the HP Enhanced multimedia keyboard (eject CDs from it, control volume, mute, email, etec.) that works flawlessly with my Vista partition but is not working in Windows 7.

3.) Lastly, I have the realtek HD Audio manager that again works flawlessly in VIsta but not in Windows 7. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

possibly drivers aren't compatible with windows 7 try looking for vista drivers