Superfetch issues

ive been testing superfetch ON OFF to see what performance gains/loss is like - i got some unusual unexpected behaviour in that turning it OFF in registry did not work, disabling the superfetch service works somewhat in that it still prefetchs stuff into RAM just not as much whereas before when it was ON it would fill the entire 2Gb with cached data (and my active OS which was about 600Mb) - now since trying superfetch on , off (and prefetch on , off and set on 2 as boot files only) its not working as it once did - its just prefetching a couple hundred megabytes of files instead of the usual 1.3Gb or so.. I have not been deleting the prefetch folder either so it should in theory continue where it left off....after several reboots and much use later it still only partially caching - this is windows 7 64bit that was installed just last week (week before sorry) - I am starting to think the superfetch/prefetch is corrupt

iam also confused as to why theyre is the registry options and tweaks for superfetch that dont work...
0 - off (doesnt work for superfetch if service is enabled to sun at boot)
1 - program files only
2 - boot files only (how or why would superfetch prefetch BOOT files into ram after windows is loaded???)
3 - program and boot files

the default for both ENABLE PREFETCH and ENABLE SUPERFETCH is 3 -

1. how or why would windows cache bootfiles using superfetch after windows is loaded?
2. why does windows still prefetch some data into ram cache when superfetch is disabled via services and registry?
3. why is superfetch (since switching back on) not prefetching as much even though i havent emptied the prefetch folders?

can anyone help me with this or do i have to go onto MSDN forums where the boffins are?
ive already stumped users at TechGuy


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