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I've had issues with my computer for nearly a year now with games crashing. And this includes what seems to be any game. There are only 3 games that I can reliably play for any period of time:

1. Unreal Tournament 2004
2. Limbo
3. Prototype (1)

There's not really anything specific that those have in common that I can think of, other than the fact that they don't take a lot of power to run...

Here are my system specs:
Processor: AMD A4 3670
Memory: 8GB
Mobo: Asus A75-I Deluxe
GPU: EVGA nVidia 750 Ti FTW 2GB
PSU: I'm pretty sure 600W (haven't checked recently)

It doesn't seem to be caused by system load because I do graphics rendering with Blender and I've done a 4 hour render without anything crashing.

One other thing. Certain games crash in unique ways.
BeamNG, a vehicle physics simulator, will start up and about 2-3 seconds after loading the vehicle, the model for the vehicle will just implode on itself. Parts will fly off and act strangely.
GRID 2 will have cars randomly fly off the track without hitting anything.
DiRT 3 will just not load the player car at start and will never start the race.

I understand this might not be enough info to troubleshoot, but maybe enough to know how to start troubleshooting, so any help would be a appreciated.


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have you tried playing with different ram? I had some game crashing when playing prototype 2 with sudden freezing. removing (1) 4gb of ram then try playing see if there's any changes. in my case that worked for me. hope it helps.


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Good news is, Beam NG, the physics engine does signs 2-3 seconds within playing so I'll know pretty quickly.

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Just to add to Richards post, are your drivers and Bios the latest versions? Also what are your temps like? Overheating can cause the symptoms you describe too.
This app is free and will alllow you to monitor temperatures:


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Let me go through all of my drivers because I am using an iso of the driver disc. I'll post updates later today.

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Hard to say, but it does seem that your system isn't quite up-to-date. It's on the limit. Mainly CPU.

Do run Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Performance Information and Tools to get Windows indexes.


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So I just recently installed some new parts... Turns out my CPU and motherboard are the only 2 remaining parts that haven't been replaced since I started having these issues. I've narrowed it down and I plan on replacing both. Now I know. I figure floating point math is wonky in the processor's old age.

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