Suprise, Surprise!


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I was just on my computer booted into Ubuntu from a Flash Drive, I have to say it works pretty well, loads fast etc.

The surprise was that when I was done I shut down my computer, removed the flash drive, and rebooted back into what I though would be Windows and it booted back into Ubuntu again.

At first I was shocked, what's going on here, how is this possible?

Well I decided that it must have loaded Ubuntu into ram, and when I rebooted it booted to that.
At least that's the only thing I could think of.

Anyway I rebooted again accessed the boot menu and told it to boot to drive C:\ and I'm back in Windows again.

Anyone have any idea how this can happen?
Am I right about the OS being stored in Ram?




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Hi again...

OK, it wasn't as big a mystery as I thought. LOL
When I started my computer again just a few minutes ago it booted into Ubuntu again.

I had to let it boot up and shut it down, I was about to go to the boot menu again when I realized that I had removed the bootable flash drive but I had left the install disk for Ubuntu in my DVD drive.

So without the flash drive it just booted to the DVD instead.

Boy I am getting old.

Mystery solved.


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