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I'm new to windows 7 and want to know more about it.I've been a loyal xp user for ages and never used vista before.I'm a gamer and I prioritize game performance very much with as much eye candy options if possible.The reason I want to try windows 7 is to see whether the dx10/11 will benefit anything with the games.So i got win7 installed with all the updates and latest drivers for my hardwares:

GF8800GT - latest whql from nvidia
Audigy 2 ZS - latest driver from creative site with win7 support
DP35DP mobo - latest from intel win7 drivers

So far it looks excellent/on par with xp's performance on dx9 games(tested fear 2 and sega rally revo).Only one problem,the sound is in stereo and not surround.The speakers is set to 5.1 and the test goes fine in the sound control panel.But in games it seems the surround isn't working.Is this normal or somehow the sound driver is being worked on?I haven't test any other apps like dvd player to see wether it's game related only.Thanks in advance for any input.


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Hi and welcome.

Try and narrow it down a bit more for us, like is it only a handful of games, and check if you get 5.1 with DVD. A lot of my older games need Alchemy to run 5.1. Check it out.

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Hi loathe,

Thanks for your input.Well somehow I've managed to get some of them to work using creative alchemy.Still dissapointed that it have to use an addon software to achieve it instead of integrating it into the driver itself and works automatically.Before this I was told by my friend that surround sound didn't work for Vista and requires Alchemy to make it work but still not all games are supported and not with bug free.I thought maybe it's fixed or different in Win7 but it seems not.OpenAL games works very well as long as it uses the dll from the system32 dir and without the need of alchemy.Sound also plays major role for the best immersive gaming experience,I really wonder why they have to do it this way.Is it Ms or the sound card makers to blame for not making it work the way it should be?

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