Suspect who escaped police handcuffed to chair is caught

Mr. Caesar, who escaped police custody in New York while handcuffed to a chair, has been caught.

Red-faced police managed to track down and recapture Caesar after he broke out from the police station before questioning.

He was said to have been recaptured while riding a bike with the remains of his handcuffs still attached.

The 58-year-old had slipped out through a back door while still attached to his chair by handcuffs.

He was being held under suspicion of stealing money from restaurant the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York.

The restaurant is famous for being the home of Buffalo chicken wings.

An investigation into the debacle is to take place to find out how the police managed to allow the man to escape.

Police spokesman Mike DeGeorge said: 'There was a mistake made and the department isn't gonna run from the fact, or hide from the fact that a mistake was made'.

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