SVCHost (BFE,DPS,MpsSvc) Eating up 50% Processor

Well, this one is a bit perplexing. On startup this svchost process will start and run for approx 5 to 10 min. I am completely unable to access the internet until it stops. I have uninstalled AV programs ( Forticlient and Avast) to see if either of these were the cause, this was not the case. So Avast has been re-installed. I did some searching on Google and haven't found anything to helpful. The processes in the title of the thread are the offending ones. I thought it might be my VMware WS7 install but I have disabled VMnet1 and 8 and it still happens. Any help is appreciated.



I would download, install, run then update the definitions within a program called Malwarebytes. Then let it scan the system and let it remove everything it may find.

I don't know what Forticlient is but it is highly recommended that you only keep one antivirus program installed that runs and starts with Windows. Two or more can and do many times, cause problems.

If the above doesn't sort it, then you can type msinfo32 in the start menu and hit enter. File | save on the screen that opens. Zip the saved file then attach it to a post using the paperclip above where you type, in advanced mode reply.

Already did the Malwarebytes, I use it on a regular basis. Forticlient is an industrial version of Zone Alarm. It's put out by Fortigate (spam appliance).

I never use more than 1 A/V client.

This is a fresh install which really makes it puzzling. Haven't tweaked it much yet. File is attached.


You can update your video card driver to a proper one instead of what is installed with Windows. This is updated to 2010 as well, instead of July 2009. Here is the proper link for your card:

ATI Catalyst


Other than that, I think your startup issues still have to deal with VMWare. Specifically, its services.

To test:

Type msconfig in the start menu then hit enter. Go to services tab. Check the box to hide all Microsoft services. Then check the box to disable all. Hit ok.

Reboot and see how it goes.

If it's good, then enable things there one by one and reboot until you find the issue is back, and then you have your answer.

Good luck and keep us informed, please.

(Update) SVCHost (BFE,DPS,MpsSvc) Eating up 50% Processor

It just so happens that I had disabled all the services in msconfig once before but didn't make a difference. As I was still spewing obscenities, I did go one step further and went to the startup tab and unchecked the VMware entry and viola.....reboot and no 50% usage.

Kinda makes me wonder though I was usingVMware WS 7.01 and didn't have a problem. I upgraded to WS7.1 and that is when I noticed the problem. Wonder what changed? I still have the services disabled so I gues I'll go and re-enabled them one at a time and see what happens.

(Solved) SVCHost (BFE,DPS,MpsSvc) Eating up 50% Processor

Well as it turns out I had to add an exception to the firewall to allow virtual network manager. This was not the case with the previous version of VMware??

All services have been re-enabled and VMware and the firewall are playing nice again.

Re: (Solved) SVCHost (BFE,DPS,MpsSvc) Eating up 50% Processor

Good find and fix! Glad everything is going well now for ya. :)

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