Windows 7 svchost.exe uses 110 000k ram +++


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Apr 4, 2009
why is it using so much ram? on vista it was max 80 000k

is there some program that can fix it?
It's a host process for windows services, so yes, you can disable services to free up RAM.
I've got mine down to 54 MB.
Superfetch just makes certain programs load marginally faster. It's practically useless, IMO.
Start > right click "Computer" > Manage > Services and Applications > Services > find "Superfetch" > Right click > Properties > Disable in the drop down box, hit stop, then apply.
Didn't find Superfetch in services... But found another thing that annoyed me earlier: Windows Media Player Network Sharing Serivce. I've noticed in the Resource Monitor, it uses plenty of CPU-power. Turned it off, but didn't see any significant difference in performance.

But the by far most CPU-power consuming service is the SearchFilterHost.exe, usually it uses 80-90% of the one of my cores, often maxing out on 100% usage. At the same time the other core is working on 40-60%. Has done this for weeks now. So the "normal" CPU-consumption is for the SearchFilterHost alone 47% in average (overall CPU-usage for both cores: 65-75%).

EDIT: Just found the Superfetch-service and disabled it... CPU still running on around 70%.

Solution? Don't know, maybe I shouldn't have upgradet the last time (from 7022 to 7068), but done a clean install? Wait for the RC and new clean install with that? Still don't know, whether this would do the trick - I've seen this 'phenomenon' earlier on other systems, XP as well as Vista, so maybe it's something we have to live with on certain Windows systems?
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