svchost using too much bandwidth

svchost is using too much bandwidth. I am monitoring with NetLimiter 3 Pro. For example, from 5 to 6 AM it downloaded 268 MB and uploaded 6 MB. This is a problem since my internet provider sets a 400 MB/day download limit, so in less than 2 hours the limit is used up. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit with SP 1 installed.

This problem started a few months ago. I've had this computer since December. I'm having the same problem with my wife's computer (Windows 7, 32-bit).

I have checked for malware with Norton 360, Webroot, Windows Defender, and a few other freebee programs. Other than a few cookies with low threat levels and "Power Reg Scheduler" there was nothing there. I have removed these few items. I have also run Wisefixer, that fixed over 200 supposed registry errors. None of this has had an effect.

I know that svchost is used by other programs. I'd appreciate any suggestions on what the problem could be or what I should do next to investigate the problem.


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Try using Microsoft Sysinternals - Process Explorer to isolate which svchost.exe is using the bandwidth and then look at the active tcp/ip sessions and take note of the host names its connecting to, perhaps this will give you insight to be able to link the bandwidth to a 3rd party service that's using the bandwidth.

Sysinternals Process Explorer


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Process Explorer is good and will allow you to look inside the svchosts.exe to see what might be using the bandwidth.

The Resource Manager included in Win 7 may also help give you some clues. Using the Network tab, you can gather quite a bit of info. The fact you know when this is happening means you can compare the downloads in the different time periods to see what differences there are.

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