Windows 7 Swat 4 Issue With Loading


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I have installed the game and it did that just fine, now I got that done and when I try to go to the game and try and play it it seems that its loading and in the task manager its there saying its running but it does not show, my virus and firewall are all off, any help would be great, thanks again


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Have you patched the game?
If not, you can find the 1.1 patch here: SWAT 4: Patches, Download Patches for SWAT 4

If that doesn't help try running the game in compatibility mode..

I am running W7 also, and was unable to get Swat working, that is it would load and then the screen would start flashing between destop and black, the occasional sound would play.

I run two screens of differing resolution, so I disconnected the second screen and bingo came up straight away. If you have two screens try this it might help. I also run it in compatibility mode XP (SP3).

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