Switching between Vista and Windows7

First of all, Hi everyone! I just searched for a W7 forum, since Technet's forum is not accessible at the moment. It seems to be a big community too. http://windows7forums.com/images/VB/smilies/razz.gif Hopefully someone out there, and answers my question:
Environment: Both x64 OSs, Vista and Windows7 RC are installed on separate drives. A brand new (original MS laser 7000) keyboard and mouse is attached via wireless USB 2.0. All drivers are downloaded from Microsoft Hardware Support site and via OS integrated Windows updates. They work fine in both OSs..
However, when restarting from either one OS, on the Switchboard (Windows 7 as first and Vista as second choice) I'm unable to use the keyboard's up and down arrow keys. I see a transmission takes place (a green LED indicator flashes), but nothing happens on the screen. I then connected a second keyboard to the normal PS/port, and then used the up/down arrow, which then worked fine. After getting to the login page, the wireless keyboard worked just as it should.
Also, while I had Vista with XP, the switching was effortless.

Any Idea, how to solve this problem, to not have a 2nd keyboard attached just for that one down key click to get into Vista?


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Is legacy USB enabled in BIOS?

Good question

I don't know. Let me check it out.
I was wondering, if you can modify the order how W7 loads the drivers? It has been changed to load drivers parallel rather than sequential (former versions), and maybe the 30 seconds are not enough to get to the point that the keyboard/USB driver gets loaded. I need to sign off to get to the BIOS settings, so I'll post my findings in a little while.
BTW: Thanks for the reply.


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well the usb driver wont show till AFTER the boot menus unless legacy is ON, although that also should mean you'd have same issues getting in BIOS...hmmm

Thanks Highwayman. The problem with the keyboard is solved.
I still would like to solve a related issue:
When available OSs offered (currently W7 ans Vista), I see next to the Vista entry the remark (recovered).
What happened: I added a blue-ray rewritable device for mainly backup purposes (50GB storage), and for some reason my Vistax64/XPx64/XPx86 boot entries get damaged. Subsequently I used Vista's Repair, which then ignored all lower level MBRs. A very stripped solution by MS. In my opinion, not Vista is recovered, but the booting procedure to it is partially recovered.
How to get reed of the remark?


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Open an elevated cmd prompt and backup your existing settings like this:

at the prompt, type:

bcdedit /export C:\BCDBACKUP

then press enter

Then type:

bcdedit /set {current} description "Vista"

then press enter.

Use any description you like between the " ".

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