Windows 8 Switching from Win 8 DP in Virtual Box to installing in separate partition


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Sep 20, 2011
I have decided to remove my Win 8 DP from Virtual Box to a separate partition I will be creating on my HD. I have found that the networking problems, both with my Win 8 DP (detailed here) and my Win 7 installation (my system is often getting confused by the VM network causing problems) is finally getting me frustrated enough to make the change.

Does anyone have any suggestions on making this change? Is there any way of taking the customizations I have already made directly into the dual boot senario or is a complete reinstall the better choice (I suspect this is the better choice since I am fairly early on in the Win 8 DP experiment)

Any suggestions on the best alternative for the installation, and any pitfalls others have discovered. I will most likely be working on this tomorrow (off work).

Thanks guys and gals.

First to address the problem that is making you want to perform this task, see my comment to your thread here which should work and maybe make this thread moot.
Now to this issue.... As a VirtualBox VM is created using generic, virtual hardware which is by its' very nature and definition "Virtual" and does not actually exist on the host machine I can't really imagine how or even if the VM would function as a real OS boot option on a second partition in some sort of dual boot scenario, but.... depending on the type of VM Disk you created (usually .vdi by default), if you actually used the .vhd option you may want to take a look at this article about using Virtual Hard Drives as boot options and see if something like that might work for you.

Thanks for the time you have spent here. I was just asking if it was possible. My thoughts are that I would create a partition for Win 8DP and load the OS directly into this partition. I figured the VM file would not be able to be loaded into the partition. I will work on the networking problem for a while, then because I am at the very early stages of this project without much time invested in Win 8 DP as yet, I can delete the VM and go with the dual boot senario without too much problems. If something gets fudged up I do have recent up to date Images to restore from.

Loading into a separate partition and dual booting would allow Win 8 DP access to the full system resources as well. With only 4 GB Ram I have allocated 2 GB to the Host and 2 GB to the VM. This does cause some system slow down compared with my Win 7 system. Right now I have both OS's active, typing this response on Win 7 while working on the Win 8 DP networking problem. I will post there when I have had a chance to check your suggestions out.