Sync Center (and WMDC) Not Seeing Dell Axim

Hi there!

I have a Dell Axim X5, using Windows Mobile 2003. I have Windows 7 Ultimate x64. Before that, I was using Vista Ultimate x64, and had no problem connecting my Axim to my computer.

Now, I am trying to make my Axim work with Windows 7. After much hassle, I successfully installed the drivers. The Axim now shows up in: My Computer, Devices and Printer, and the Device Manager, all without any problems, errors, or yellow exclamation points. All says the device is "working properly."

However, when I open Sync Center, it does not see any device. Also, when I click on Windows Mobile Device Center, the application does not launch. The only thing that comes up is the Connection Settings screen, shown here:

Neither Sync Center nor WMDC seem to connect. Although wmdcBase.exe is running according to the Task Manager.

I have tried: uninstalling and reinstalling WMDC, updating via Windows Update, trying a new USB port, uninstalling and reinstalling the device drivers for the Dell Axim.

Please, how do I fix this??

Thank you!!

Try this:

Control Panel
Windows Firewall
Advanced Settings
Inbound Rules
Create a new "Inbound Rule" and name it Windows Mobile Device Center
Click on the "Protocols and Ports" tab
Protocol Type - TCP
Local Port - Specific Ports, 990, 999, 5678, 5679, 5721, 26675
Remote port - All Ports
Click Apply
Click OK

Disconnect and Reconnect Mobile Device
Create Partnership etc....

Hi jtbmw,
Thanks for the reply, but it didn't work :( Followed your instructions to a tee, (and yes, the new rule was created), but still nothing seen in Sync Center. I even turned off Windows Firewall completely, and still nothing has changed.


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