Sync Center keeps popping up...

Hello. I am new here. I recently installed windows 7 32 bit RC on a asus nvidia 6150 system w/ Athlon 64 4200+ cpu and 2GB memory. It's running well. I also have a logitech USB bluetooth transiever and a USB hub w/ an ipod connected. The windows Sync center keeps popping up for no apparant reason. It is very annoying. I have nothing set up for sync. other software includes lightroom, iTunes, Adobe Reader, Office XP, HP Printer software, uTorrent, 7Zip, Java, nVidia drivers, and that's about it. I am coming from XP. Any idea what could be causing this? I even disabled folder sync which is enabled by default.


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Try this:
Click START - Control Panel - Administrative Tools - SERVICES or, type services.msc in the start or run box.

Scroll down to "Portable Device Enumerator Service" and Double Click onit to bring up the service properties. Click STOP to terminate the currently running process, (if you see it is actually running), then Click the Startup Type Button and
select MANUAL from the drop down box.

Thanks RAK. I will try that. Right now I am suspicious that iTunes 9 is what's causing this problem. I installed it two days ago, and that's when I started seeing the sync center pop up. If I don't plug in the iPod, or launch iTunes, it doesn't seem to happen.


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Ah1 Yes. Tha may well be the case. I do not have such a device, but I have read reliable reports that putting the mentioned service to manual will not harm the operation of Ipods or such. Worth a try.

it's not iTunes. my process of elimination i figured out it's my logitech dinovo bluetooth keyboard. it keeps sending sync events like the sync button is being pressed. easily fixed by reconfiguring the sync button to 'do nothing'. the sync center looks interesting and i look forward to learning more about it. i use synctoy on my xp machine for data backup. i guess i will be migrating to sync center. thanks for your help!

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