Synology NAS drive and Windows 7

Wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to fix a new issue my NAS drive has thrown up.

My NAS is used only for storage of files, most of them being media files in various formats (DVD, avi, MPEG etc). We basically have this instead of a massive DVD shelving unit! The media is streamed downstairs via wired connection to a media player on the downstairs computer (the NAS is connected to the main PC upstairs). It's decided it doesn't want to stream anymore. It plays the files, but it is in 'jerkyvision'.
I have no idea why it's started doing this, just woke up one day and it didn't like them anymore.

I wondered if my router was playing up, and it was about 5 years old so I've just replaced it. That hasn't fixed it. I've rebooted and upgraded the NAS software. No improvement. I tested the broadband speed and it's nealy 5meg, which is more than enough to stream media downstairs. The thing that bugs me is that I have no idea what's causing the issue, and why it's suddenly decided to stop playing them properly.

Now for the equipment:
Operating System - Windows 7 34-bit
Router - Netgear DGN-3500 Gigabit
Connection - Wired through "homeplugs" that use the house wiring to transmit the signal
Media player - J River Media Centre 15
NAS - Synology Diskstation 1511+

I really hope someone can shed some light on this!



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Don't know why, but maybe some questions.

Since you use the house wiring, has anything been changed related to it? Any new appliances plugged in or moved? You might try running a cable for testing and bypass the house wiring.

Does this happen with all types of files and all data rates? Have you noticed anything related to one specific type?

Did you notice any Windows Updates around the time you think it started?

Has the 5 MB data transfer rates remained the same? I don't know what data rates your files require, but on my system, when I stream recorded HD TV programs, it runs around 17 MB. This is with the Windows Media Center, since it appears the Windows Media Player will knock down the quality and use a 2 MB transfer rate.

Hi there

Nothing's been changed on the house wiring. It's very difficult to test via wrired Ethernet connection because the NAS is upstairs and the Media Player is located ont eh computer downstairs.

Yes, I checked avi, MPEG, DVD files, all jitter. It pulls up photos and plays music with no problem though - maybe because they are smaller files?

No Windows Updates, I've turned them off.

I don't know how to check the data transfer rate - can you point me in the right direction?



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I don't really have the expertise to go into different file types and required data rates, but if they worked before, they should work now.

Maybe resetting all your devices might help. When I was testing mine, I watched the Network tab in Task Manager to see the network transfer rate. What pattern it shows for bit speed might give you a clue as to whether it is the network not being fast enough or possibly some type of codec used with your file types that might be involved.

Hi Saltgrass

Thanks for your suggestion, I will do this next time. I have very few HD films, mainly its just 720 / 1080p with surround sound (I have an external AV receiver which I use for audio).

What transfer rate should I expect?



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Again, how you coded the files will make a difference as to what transfer rates are needed. I don't think Windows Media Player really compresses its recorded programs, but it uses 15-17 Mbps to stream. If yours are compressed, you might be able to get away with a lower rate, and the 5 Mbps you are using may be sufficient.

Testing using a wired connection one day, or even you current configuration, might allow you to see what rate is being used when everything is viewing correctly.

Did the NAS come with any software to see the Data Transfer Rates?

I don't know about the DTR, that's a seperate problem. The NAS internet interface is down so I can't access on-board software. This isn't the problem, it's because I've changed my router, and the problem was occurring prior to the new router. Access to the Synology isn't a problem, I just can't interface with it using the internet face.

I'm not sure what you mean by "coded the files" - I just copied the DVD straight, or downloaded the avi and saved them to the NAS.

I use J River Media Centre to play all my files.


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I have been doing some research on this, since I have had no previous experience with NAS units or jRiver Media. I realize now you are just using the media center to play files located on the NAS.

So, you can check the Network through put on both computers to see what it is. You could also copy a file to the downstairs computer for testing, which would eliminate the NAS to computer to computer transfer. I suppose you could even move the NAS to the downstairs computer for testing.

I have downloaded and installed the jRiver software. I am playing a Video file stored on one computer on this one. Using either jRiver or Windows Media Center, the bit rate runs around 6-10 Mbps and higher when it needs to catch up. This is just for information and comparison.

THis is brilliant, thank you so much for going to so much effort on my behalf.

I will try to get the test done tonight, but it may be tomorrow evening. Look forward to seeing the results and posting them here!

I've spent a lot of time on it today, and I think it's actually the homeplugs. I've just played a full episode of Star Trek and only two vry minor hitches. However, one another episode jitters loads! Can't figure it out. I'm pretty sure it's them though, because the transfer rate between the NAS and the computer upstairs is much much faster than then transfer rate downstairs. I started off transferring an avi file from the NAS to the upstairs computer and the computer to the NAS. The I took the NAS & router downstairs, set it up and did the same again. The transfer rate was very fast. Then I took the NAS back upstairs & plugged everything back in again. Then from the media computer I transferred the same avi file from the NAS to the downstairs computer and the computer to the NAS - transfer was crap. I've moved the homeplug from an extension lead to a direct plug socket on the wall and it has helped, but it's still not quite right. I think I'm just going to hardwire the computer downstairs. It's the only way to get the best speed and stop this bloody mess.

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