syspart w/ Windows 7 need a second opinion

ok i've of this little netbook that has no optical drives and windows 7 which is of course... on a dvd. now last time i needed to install XP on it i used syspart because there was no option to boot from USB. here is the how to i followed:

1) Install the hard drive as a slave in a working desktop system. (If laptop HD will require an adapter)

2) Right click "My Computer" click "Manage", goto "DisK Managment" and format the drive, NTSF Quick Format will do.

3) Insert your Windows XP CD in the drive, then exit the auto launch screen.

4) Go to "My Computer" and look at the drive letters of the CD-rom containing the XP disk, and also the drive letter of the hard drive you are installing to.

5) Assuming the hard drive is "Z" and the XP cd is in "X:", go to the DOS prompt and type (or cut and paste):

X:\I386\winnt32.exe /syspart:Z: /tempdrive:Z: /makelocalsource /noreboot

6) Setup will begin and ask you if you want to upgrade or full install. It will then ask you for a few more things including the CD key.

7) When it finishes doing what it needs to your HD it will close automatically and return you to the desktop.
it essentially stopped the installation right before it takes into account my system so that you can put the HD back into the laptop and finish the install and it would play nice with everything. i don't know a lot about the syspart command. and obviously seeing "winnt32" in the string i'm guess at minimum i've got to adjust my file path. i guess my question is two fold:

A) will the syspart command work the same as in the above example to install windows 7?

B) if so what do i need to change in "X:\I386\winnt32.exe /syspart:Z: /tempdrive:Z: /makelocalsource /noreboot" to make that happen?

any help would be greatly appreciated!

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