system crashes goes for restart and then cannot boot...

hey, im having a problem with system crashing and then the inability to reboot with a manual reset. if i hold the power key to power off the system then i can boot back into windows.

here is some info. on the symptoms of the crash.

i have set my computer to never sleep before the crashes started happening in order to dl torrents. also i turned windows firewall off.
i havent seen the comp crash but when ive woken up the screen is in the bios saying please insert bootable device or media and then press a key (or something similiar to that).
when i do a reset and enter the bios and look at the boot devices it doesnt show my 2 sata devices which are set to acpi in the bios (the bootable hd and a storage hd). it only shows the sata dvdrom which is set to ide. when i do a shutdown holding the power key and a reset then comp boots as normal.

this has happened 2 times over 3 days or so. i looked in the event viewer and could only find one entry that looked to be recorded because of one of these crashes: error, event id: 6008. details of this even basically said that there was an unexpected shutdown of the system.

can anyone help me fix this. if you need more info. let me know. - Mike


Copy the files in C:\Windows\Minidump to any other folder. Zip the files then attach the zip to a post here. Also attach the 2 jpg files that my signature refers to below.

No reason whatsoever to turn Windows Firewall off. You'll be much better off turning it back on.

ive attatched the 2 jpegs from cpuz. that windows/minidump folder doesnt seem to exist. i turned windows firewall back on.


Your RAM is overclocked, directly and surely causing your issues.

You have it at: 720 MHz.

Must be set in bios to 667 MHz.

So, make the change in the bios and save. Boot to Windows and check the memory tab of CPU-Z to see if you've done well. If not, back to the drawing board and try again.

If you aren't able to do so, contact the motherboard and/or RAM manufacturer.

(I'm done here. If I don't respond any longer it's because I've solved your issue and have nothing further to offer or say. It's just my experience that these things get dragged on and on forever and I want no part of it.)

So with that, good luck and enjoy.

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