System disk? / inaccessible disk.


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Hey hey!

I'm new on the forums and also new to Win7.

Just installed win7 on my new sweet i7 setup and everything went well with the installation and win7 is running really smooth.

However, there seems to be something wrong with my hdd setup. All my hdd's but one are showing. When I checked the diskmanager I saw that all my Hdd's are there and online but one of my hdds (the one missing) has got no driveletter and cannot be accessed.

Yfrog - diskar here's a screenshot displaying my problem. It seems like the disk "Store Bengt" has been set to 'system, active, primary partion' instead of just primary partition.

I ofcourse want this disk to just be an ordinary partition like the other two but I can't seem to figure out how to do that. I really need the data on that disk since its where I store all my school/work-related files. Luckily it seems like it hasn't been formated or similar since the used space is as it was prior to my win7 installation.

Is this an easy fix or how do I work my way around it?



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I just found out that my problem was solved by just Adding a driveletter :p. However, why is this disk marked as 'system, active, primary partion' instead of just primary partition?


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