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every 2 days i get this irritating message: "system error code 8, not enouge storage...." this happens when i try to close programs , when i try to open a program or even to open a browser. therefore, i need to restart my computer everytime and then it works fine for a day or two.....
i have plenty of space in my hard disk.
i tried several things ( that i read here) but it doesn't help: i used registry booster program but, in vain....
i really don't want to format my pc now.

what can i do to solve this problem?
i am thankful for any advice!


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unfortunately, it didn't work and i had to restart my computer twice a day :(

maybe, i didn't follow your instructions well? so, i attach a screenshot of the virtual memory screen. it is in hebrew but i guess it looks the same in all languages.... many many thanks in advance for any help!



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I don't think the error has is to do with the pagefile. The "storage space " is either kernel pool or desktop heap.
Error code 8 is is informing you that there is a malfunctioned device in your computer.
You could try running through the device manager and updating all of the hardware drivers, or download one of the many programs (free) which will do it for you.
But first, open Msconfig and look under the startup tab. See if you can uncheck any surplus programs you may have there, to eliminate the possibility of software overusing your hardware.. I am a little extreme in that area but, fwiw, I only have my graphics and anti malware/virus programs running on startup.


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Error 8 is a Win32 kernel exception error. Virtual memory leaks can cause the system to spit out memory errors as well. That is why I wrote it MIGHT be a problem with virtual memory.
System Error Codes (0-499) (Windows)
KB0901 » "System Error. Code: 8. Not enough storage is available to process this command." : N-Stalker Support Center

Is your system overclocked for gaming?
Is your computer connected to a network?

Try this:

1. Open the event viewer and try to find valuable information about the problem. Search the time it occurred. Post your findings here.
Open Event Viewer
Also, tell me if you have there any event ID 2011.

2. Open regedit.exe: Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SQMClient\Windows\DisabledSessions
and see if you have a value named "MachineThrottling". If you do, delete\rename it and restart.

3. System error 8 - Not enough storage is available to process this command
System error 234 - More data is available.
Symptoms: If you attempt to start the server service manually, the following errors may be displayed: System error 234 has occurred. More data is available. Or system error 8 has occurred. Not enough storage is available to process this command. The event viewer shows "Event ID: 7023. Description: The Server service terminated with the following error: More data is available. Or Event ID: 7001. Description: The Net Logon service depends on the Server service which failed to start because of the following error: More data is available. Resolutions: 1) apply (or reapply) the latest Windows NT Service pack.
2) remove any unnecessary entries from this value in the registry,
[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer \Parameters\NullSessionPipes[/FONT]
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thank you davehc and zvi for your help!
in my startup there are only programs i use.

about the event viewer, i think that there you can see what the problem is: again sorry that it is in hebrew....


a critical event. source: kernel power id-41......

i opened regedit.exe and followed the path you mentioned but couldn't find "disabledsessions" under windows...

thanks again for any further help. i really appreciate that!
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I have jusy done a little browsing, and it looks like certain software, can also causes this error. A frequent culprit is
Norton AntiVirus, which changes registry paramters, but others are:
Acronis TrueImage, version 10 or 2009 or higher,
Seagate DiscWizard (a rebranded version of Acronis TrueImage),
IBM AntiVirus,
Microsoft's Bitdefender, and
Symantec EndPoint Protection (version 11+),
AVG 2011+.

If you have any of these, you can try disabling them, or uninstalling, and see if the problem persists. However, the paramtere which they alter, can be returned to a workable state manually.

Please back up your registry first!
Open regedit and navigate to:


IRPStackSize DWORD 0x0000000f (15)

Make sure you are in the "decimal" unit and change the size, if it is below 21, up to 21 or a figure above that. Do not, at this stage, exceed 25.


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i don't have any of the programs mentioned.... the event viewer found a critical system problem . source: kernel-power. id -41