system fail after update!! urget "please help"!!!

hi guys!.i recently got my video card fixed and updated my computer and turend it off for the night. when i woke up and turned on my computer it didnt work. when i turned it on it booted to the point where the startup sound came and then restarted. it then told me to go to startup repair so i did and i clicked on restore system point button thingy and waited 2 hours and it didnt finish, so i decided to press F8 and press use last good known configurations. it booted to the same point it did before. i tried all 3 safe modes, none work!! i also tried directory service restore mode and didnt work!!! i even set everything in the setup menu to defualt, still nothing! i dont have the cd. what shoul i do? can you guys help me? please?!:( or should i just bring me laptop to a pro? guys its a laptop just so you know! please help me out becuase i dont want to waste my money!! btw im using my moms computer to type this!! i cant use my moms com forever!! please help!!!!


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You had your video card fixed by a none qualified person with your comment about
or should i take it to a pro
It sounds to me that when its your video card & the reason for this is simple, if it was windows it wouldnt get as far as giving you the load in sound but at that point your video card kicks in to load graphics & present stuff & what not. If this worked before the update & now don't then it sounds like part of that update was your video card drivers & doing so increased its capabilities & no doubt increased the resolution & colour bit rate by default of updating its drivers & causing your card to fail at the same point because it clearly can't cope.

I have a heat damaged card that works perfectly fine without drivers installed for it for a desktop however installing drivers for it causes it to freak out & prevent system boot.

I've some experience with failed cards because i've broke many in the past & had all sorts of way to watch them go & your symptoms tell me its a faulty video card.

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i toke the computer to a professional to fix and i used a windows update


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I would take it back & ask him to double check its working as it should do because it tells me video card with the symptoms you have just said. If you have a receipt you have x amount of days by law to make sure its fully working & so forth if he only did a repair, if he replaced the video card then that card has 12 months warrenty on it by law so i would take it back & ask him to test it. Re installing windows if your able to is 1 option but the problem might prevent you from doing so or data loss so yeah it sounds like card wasn't fully fixed to me.

well i gave it to him and he fixed it and it broke and this kinda happened for 5 times and he got fed up and told me not to bring it back to him. you might say thats its against the law or he cant do that but this is another country that i live in. they dont care about s**t in this country! ill be taking my laptop to ano guy tommorow


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If it is a driver problem your computer should boot in Safe Mode, since it doesn't load the drivers for video, but stays with the basic drivers.

I'm assuming that you have video right up until it stops.

it sounds like the computer crashes at the point where you normally see the screen blink, and the video card takes over from the motherboard.

But since you say it won't boot in Safe Mode
As Vsuk said, It seems like it may be the video card itself that isn't working.

When you say that you got your video card fixed do you mean that you installed a new one?
Maybe it is just faulty, it happens.


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